Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh, you pretty things!

I'm back like Ma$e.

Apologies for the, er, lengthy departure. I know, it's kind of a buzzkill.

But I'm back (see above)!

So, what's in store for Wasted Style? Changes? Nah, just more content, more good times, more everything.

Tragedy struck in my absence, boys and girls. It seems 60 gigs simply isn't enough iPod space when exploring legendary back catalogs and (trying) to keep up on new stuff. Monetary difficulties make it all but impossible for me to afford a fancy new iPod (No! Devil, eBay, you will NOT have my soul!), so it looks like I'll be going the other route... sorting through the machine's contents in the search to find out what is simply not good enough to be in there.

What won't make the cut?
What will redeem itself?
Only time will tell!!

Oh yeah, and I'll keep you posted on the results.

Sounds like a plan!

P.S. I missed you.

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